IBM 2005-16B

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IBM Totalstorage 2005-16B 16 port Fibre SAN Switch
Brand: IBM
Model: 2005-16B
Sales price 10,000 บาท

Manufacturer Description


  • 1U form factor enables enhanced port density and rack space utlisation
  • Designed for high-performance with 4 Gigabit per second (Gbps) fibre channel ports (requires storage hardware that supports 4 Gbps throughput)
  • Speed auto-sensing capabilities provide compatibility with 2 and 1 Gbps fibre channel links
  • Short wave small form-factor 4 Gbps SFPs support connectivity up to 150 meters
  • Longwave 4 Gbps SFPs support connectivity up to 35 km
  • Can be used in any combination of supported 4, 2 or 1 Gbps link speeds
  • Auto-fabric discovery allows external host and storage systems to discover other SAN-enabled systems that are connected to the fabric
  • Non-blocking architecture designed to provide up to 128 Gbps with a 16-port configuration
  • Standard Advanced Zoning provides hardware-enforced zoning to protect against unauthorised
  • or unauthenticated storage network access, non-secure management access and World Wide Name spoofing
  • IBM SAN b-type switches and directors use common switch firmware, which helps simplify SAN fabric expansion
  • Firmware upgrades are designed to be non-disruptive
  • Advanced application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) minimise components for higher availability
  • Remote access and remote management are available through the fabric using GUI, SNMP and Telnet.
  • Optional B16 Full Fabric Activation is required to enable E_ports for ISL trunking so the switch can connect to other switches
  • Optional B16 Extended Fabric Activation is designed to enable extended distance connectivity between 10 and 80 kilometres.
  • Optional B16 Fabric Watch is designed to enable real-time proactive awareness of the health, performance and security of each switch and automatically alert network managers of problems
  • Optional B16 Advanced Security is designed to enable policy-based security mechanisms integrated within the Fabric Operating System


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