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Cisco 1841 | Integrated Router | 2 Modular Slots | 2 Fast Ethernet Ports | Compact Flash

Cisco 1841 | Integrated Router | 2 Modular Slots 2 Fast Ethernet Ports Compact Flash

The Cisco 1841 is an industry-leading router that provides wire-speed performance for concurrent services at T1/E1 WAN rates, on board encryption, firewall and many expansion options. The Cisco 1841 is a very versatile router for the everyday user because it is compatible with over 90 different modules. Since the Cisco 1841 was designed off of the award winning 1700 series, throughput can be transmitted at 100BASE-T from the LAN Port. While compact, the 1841 is still equipped with two WAN slots and two Fast Ethernet ports.


Quick Specs:

  • 2 Modular Slots (HWIC or WIC) 
  • 1 AIM Slot
  • 2 10/100Base- TX RJ/45 Fast Ethernet Ports 
  • DRAM configurations is 64 bits wide with parity disabled (Options install 128 MB DRAM (384 Max) and 32 MB Flash (128 Max))
  • 1.1 USB Port
  • CF Card Slot


  • Width: 13.5 in
  • Depth: 10.8 in
  • Height: 1.7 in
  • Weight: 6 LBS


  • On-board encryption
  • Support of up to 800 VPN tunnels with the AIM-EPII-PLUS Module
  • Antivirus defense support through Network Admission Control (NAC)
  • Intrusion Prevention as well as stateful Cisco IOS Firewall support and many more essential security features

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